Present Influence

Introduction to Speaking Influence

Speaking Influence

The skills of influence and persuasion have always been important in leadership. So much so that elites have often tried to keep them secret and out of the hands of those they seek to maintain power over and keep them in the hands of their own chosen future leaders. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a public figure, the ability to not only be seen and heard but to do so in a way that builds trust and relationships is more vital than ever. Tools like rhetoric and understanding the psychology of persuasion are no longer only for political leaders and lawyers. 

This show’s mission is to empower you with the superpowers of ethical influence and persuasion so that your message gets heard, your personal brand gets seen and you elevate your ability to help others with coaching, speaking and products and programs. From time to time we even take a look at the less ethical side of influence and persuasion so that we can defend ourselves against manipulation and counter negative intent with tools like critical thinking. 

We believe that ethical leadership starts with empowering and educating people and that the tools of influence and persuasion, from Aristotle to Robert Cialdini, are available to all of us who are filled with a mission to make things better. You can know that you’re in good company where you belong. Enjoy the show.

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