Pitch Perfect with guest Mike Verret

Speaking Influence

Does your elevator pitch make your prospective customers and clients want to go up to the 6th floor with you?

So many people are trying to speak like marketers instead of finding the genuine points of connection that will be music to the ears of your ideal clients and customers. My guest Mike Verret is an expert on making your pitch the right way, having years of experience with Hasbro Games where he was the guy they'd send to make their pitches.  This is a show you might want to make some notes on (I am).

In this episode:

  • Mike's 6-floor elevator pitch strategy
  • Why too much info, too soon and too fast doesn't work
  • Mike's Unique and funny connection to Jurassic World
  • How to connect with your potential clients and customers
  • Where storytelling fits in pitching
  • The 3 things Mike focussed on to grow his business

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with Mike and get some direct and free advice. As he says, it's only when he has to put pen to paper that he starts charging. Connect with Mike here:  https://www.verretandassociates.com/ and you can find Mike on LinkedIn too.

Next time on the show, the incredible and delightful Whitney Lauritson will be sharing insights on influencer marketing and why so many businesses are missing a trick.

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