Make Your Own Platform with guest Vivian Acquah

Speaking Influence

Does your light ever feel dimmed?

Do you feel like there is no platform for voices like yours?

My guest Vivian Acquah felt the same. Suffering years of sexism and racism in the workplace she felt the need to speak out and make things better, so she built her own platform and found ways to amplify her voice. Now, Vivian is known as a champion for diversity and she's on a mission. Don't miss her brave and empowering story.

In this episode:

  • what to do when we experience discrimination
  • why cancel culture is not the answer
  • strategies to develop understanding and empathy
  • how Vivian uses food as a teaching and influence tool (a personal favourite)
  • finding the empathy buttons
  • how to make your own platform

and the opportunity to join Vivian on her platform, especially if you are in a marginalised group that is often sidelined.  Here's the link to comment on the LinkedIn post and maybe you'll be one of the 10 lucky free ticket winners

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Go and make great things happen, Johnny

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