Relationship Marketing with guest Natalie Klun

Speaking Influence

Fed up of friend requests from marketers who just want to sell you something?

Yeah... me too.

My guest today is Natalie Klun and she's here to talk about relationship marketing, which is marketing done right. By the time you have listened to this show you'll be wishing everyone was doing marketing like this and not using cheap and sometimes sleazy feeling methods and programs to try and get money in the bank.

Natalie and I connected in the Speakers and Coaches Networking Society group which has fantastic online networking events every Thursday and regular live trainings and workshops. It's run by the amazing Wendi Blum Weiss and Carlos Vazquez. You can join the Facebook group for free here.

From our first conversation, I knew I wanted to bring Natalie onto Speaking Influence and when we had a chat to plan the episode she gave me so many useful bits of advice for promoting this show that I was blown away by how generous and genuinely delightful she is. Everyone needs a Natalie in their network.

You can connect with Natalie in her favourite online hangout LinkedIn and on her own website and you can be sure she'll love to connect with you. Remember, don't just follow on LinkedIn, send a connection request too. Also, come say hi if you decide to join the coaches and speakers networking society.

Join me next time when my guest will be the amazing Jeffrey Shaw, author of the fantastic new book 'The Self-employed Life'.

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