Influence in the boardroom with guest Julie Garland McLellan

Speaking Influence

What really goes on in the boardroom?

Is it like in 'Succession' where it's all subterfuge, tests of loyalty, big personalities ruling the roost? Or is it much less dramatic but still an interesting place to be?

My guest for this show is Julie Garland McLellan and she has served on 18 different boards and written several books about influence in the boardroom, so believe me when I say that she knows what she's talking about. I've never served on a board and have zero desire to ever do so, but who knows what the future holds? Even so, this was a fascinating conversation and a great insight into the real mechanics of the boardroom.

Julie is one of the only people out there I have come across who is talking about serving on a board and how to be influential there. We talked about the need to be strategic and what that actually entails. We discuss what diversity on the board should mean and we discuss how to know whether a seat on the board is the right thing for you, as well as just how much power lies within boards but also much risk.

I believe you will enjoy this conversation even if you are never going to sit on a board but especially if you already are or you plan to.  Julie's own book is called Dilemmas, dilemmas and is available to buy, as well as two follow up books. If you would like to connect with Julie personally, you can connect with her on Linked In. Julie is an experienced speaker and could be the ideal choice for your next event.

For further reading, Julie recommends the writings of Bob Garrett and the book 'Boards' by Patrick Dunne.

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