Professional Voice Coaching with guest Dielle Hannah

Speaking Influence

Do you use your voice in your work?

Whether you're a speaker, singer, actor, receptionist, CEO, store manager, or required to speak in any kind of work-related situation, your voice is essential to your success.  Knowing what to say is certainly a part of the equation but the way you say it... that can be all the difference.

Dielle Hannah is not only an exceptional voice coach, but she is also an absolute delight to connect with. If you've ever wanted to sound more authoritative or really channel the voice of your wisest sage self then you'll love the exercises in this episode. We also talked about audiobook recording and whether you need to have a treated room to do audio or video work. All important stuff for the modern business person.

Dielle believes that the best voice to deliver your message is yours.

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I've been loving the exercise of channelling the voices of the archetypes I want to represent in my speeches. I'm going to be using that everywhere.

Next week, we're talking about the Psychology of Buying with sales influence expert Moeed Amin. Don't miss it!

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