Holistic Voice Coaching with guest Ambika Devi

Speaking Influence

Have you ever listened to yourself on a recording? Did you like what you heard?

I think most of us know that we sound quite different to others than we do to ourselves and at first it is usually a little jarring. Your voice can be smoother, more resonant and open up qualities you don't even know you have. How? With some vocal exercises and expert guidance.

My guest is the incredible Ambika Devi. This episode was so much fun to record. Ambika is such a good speaker and so I knew right away we were in good hands. Find at least one action to take away from the show to sound better when speaking or singing,  professional or not. I hope you will have as much fun listening as we had recording it.

Find out more about Ambika: Visit her YouTube channel for a wealth of great information https://bit.ly/2SY8BIP and/or go to https://ambikascoaching.com/

Next show, professional voice coach  Dielle Hannah. We take a slightly different approach to voice coaching which was also great fun and incredibly helpful.

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