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Elevate your communication with guest Dr Lori Baker-Schena

Speaking Influence

Can you communicate with a Gen Z person the same way you communicate with a millennial?

Research says not and my guest Dr Lori Baker-Schena is an expert on communication skills and helping organisations and individuals become better and more effective communicators.

Dr Lori Baker-Schena delivers solid, practical leadership advice in an entertaining and fun way – leaving listeners/viewers laughing and learning as they acquire new strategies for moving forward in their careers. Her extensive leadership and university teaching experience, combined with her sense of humour and ability to relate to her audience, inspire participants to inject more positivity, productivity and joy into their personal and professional lives.

For me, this was a really fun conversation where I also learned a lot and got to take home some strategies that I could take home and use with my own significant other to help improve our relationship. I'm a big fan of episodes with homework because applying what you learn is the whole point.

If you have any questions about positivity and leadership, would like to explore one-on-one leadership or life coaching, or need a guest speaker for your next professional event, send Dr Lori a note.

Lori's book recommendations are:

  • Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray
  • The Leadership Challenge by Barry Posner and James Kouzes (now in 6th edition)

Join me again for my next episodes which are all about branding, creating brand stories and personal branding respectively with some more fantastic experts Åsa Rydhard and Ash Borland.

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