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Would you take off in a sailboat by yourself and go off to sea?

My guest on this episode did just that.

As a young man, Dave Bricker was inspired by the remarkable people he met in Miami’s “secret floating village.” The sailboat anchorage a quarter-mile off-shore from Miami City Hall attracted world travellers, squatters, dreamers, and bums. All had remarkable stories to tell.
Before he graduated from college, he was living aboard his own tiny sailboat. Soon after graduation, he set sail for the Bahamas with a locker full of food and dreams … and $40 in his pocket.

His voyages took him up and down the Bahamas, up the east coast of the US to Chesapeake Bay, and across the Atlantic to Gibraltar. He ran aground, dealt with mechanical breakdowns, got seasick more than once, slept in a volcano, survived powerful storms, and returned to the land of clocks and calendars with what he’d gone in search of—stories of his own.

Today, as a speaker, trainer, and coach, he helps remarkable people tell remarkable stories—through writing, speaking, graphic design, video, technology, and music. If you want to say it, share it, or sell it, bring me your story; I’ll help you tell it.

Find out more about Dave and Story Sailing: is loaded with content—blog posts, videos, and various ways to contact me for coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements.

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