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This was their moment of truth. They needed to face the biggest challenge their company had ever faced and it was going to take powerful leadership to bring them through it. As they entered the room for the emergency meeting, the CEO took to the platform, over 30 expectant and stress filled faces stared up at him, hungry for a morsel of hope and inspiration that they could get through this and win.

He opened his mouth to speak and in a clunky monotonous voice said "Ummm.... erm... this is all quite challenging, isn't it? You're all doing a jolly decent job and if we're lucky, we might still all have our jobs next week. OK, well, chin up and off you go then." And that was it. No inspiration. The hungry were not fed but left wanting and it didn't need to be that way.

If only he'd known how to inspire confidence and to become a charismatic leader.

My guest for this episode could have saved that poor CEO and spared those stressed employees from a limp and uninspiring talk and turned it into something uplifting, powerful and charismatic.  Kurian Tharakan is an expert in charisma when it comes to leadership and is the author of the book The 7 Essential Stories Leaders Tell which is available for free to Kindle Unlimited members.

In this episode: 

  • Why stories are so important to leadership
  • The power of storytelling in sales
  • A summary of the 7 essential stories charismatic leaders tell
  • Story examples of the 7 meta-stories in action
  • A unique offer from Kurian to 5 of our listeners
  • Why religions keep spreading fast
  • Why atheism often seems less attractive than religion
  • The stories that lead a team to victory

and more besides in this fun and informative chat.

If you want to take Kurian up on his offer and you are one of the first luckly 5 to do so, make sure you include that you got the offer from the Speaking Influence podcast and send your email to and be sure to check out his website too.

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Go and make great things happen.

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