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Influence and persuasion are the weapons of leadership and success but do you understand how to wield them and make them work for you or defend yourself against them? Whether you're using your influence to persuade through a speech, online content, a story, marketing copy, personal branding, cult recruitment (not recommended), stand up comedy, leading a business or leading a country... you need to understand how influence and persuasion work and how to make them work for you and make sure they're not working against you. The most common areas to see influence and persuasion at work are in public speaking and presenting, such as political and legal arenas, but they affect all of us in all parts of our life. As soon as we engage with someone, pick up our mobile, turn on the TV or computer, we're either influencing and persuading others or subject to the influence and persuasion of others. My mission is to empower people to understand and utilise influence and persuasion skills within an ethical framework to help improve people's lives and make the world a better place. So often, we see how influence and persuasion are being used to manipulate and sway people, creating division and sometimes even inciting hate. Let's use the art of rhetoric to improve the world and put the tools of leadership into the hands of everyone, not just self-serving elites. Join me for fun chats, serious chats and always educational and interesting guests. You will always come away from the show having learned something valuable and even having had some fun sometimes with industry experts and exceptional people from week to week. Make sure you're subscribed. © 2021 Speaking Influence
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What does making people laugh have to do with influence and persuasion? Quite a lot really. Comedy and humour can be very useful tools in your influence and persuasion toolkit when employed well and
8th Oct 2021
51 minutes
What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word influencer? How would you feel about being described as an influencer?Is there a good side to being an influencer?My guest Whitney
3rd Oct 2021
57 minutes
Could laughter be the thing that sets you free?It liberated my guest Bee Baumann when she discovered a gift for humourous speaking and found that it suddenly opened up a whole world of creativity for
29th Sep 2021
47 minutes
Does your elevator pitch make your prospective customers and clients want to go up to the 6th floor with you?So many people are trying to speak like marketers instead of finding the genuine points of
24th Sep 2021
58 minutes
Does your light ever feel dimmed?Do you feel like there is no platform for voices like yours?My guest Vivian Acquah felt the same. Suffering years of sexism and racism in the workplace she felt the
14th Sep 2021
53 minutes
Are you putting lipstick on a pig when it comes to marketing your brand and business? Do you know the difference between brand and branding? This is the episode where you'll find that out
30th Aug 2021
54 minutes
What does it really take to be a podcaster? Should you start a podcast? Should you be appearing as a guest on podcasts? I will be answering these questions as well as my biggest
25th Aug 2021
36 minutes
Are we living in a post-truth world?Do facts even matter anymore?In a world where people are so easily persuaded by emotions over facts, how can we turn the tide and make facts matter again?I first
12th Aug 2021
55 minutes
Have you ever had the experience of someone starting a conversation with you but they seem to be midway through a stream of consciousness and you don't really know what they are talking about or why
28th Jul 2021
52 minutes
Does your online posting feel like shouting into the void?If you're anything like most people, you probably feel like most of what you post online gets ignored or at best a little response or
23rd Jul 2021
46 minutes
What do you think is one of the biggest fears people have in business? It's one that sometimes causes businesses not to grow and to end up struggling.It's mostly an irrational fear.It's the fear
19th Jul 2021
43 minutes
Always running, always busy, always so much more to do than there is time to do it! Such is the life of the self-employed business owner but it doesn't have to be that way.My guest today is Jeffrey
12th Jul 2021
50 minutes
Fed up of friend requests from marketers who just want to sell you something? Yeah... me too.My guest today is Natalie Klun and she's here to talk about relationship marketing, which is marketing
5th Jul 2021
58 minutes
She worked hard all the time. In fact, there were few employees as conscientious as her. Always early to work, one of the first in and one of the last out. Always hit her targets and nice to everyone
25th Jun 2021
59 minutes
Does being funny come at a price?If it does, then my guest Jordan Power has undoubtedly paid it. He's a professional comedian, author and podcaster. His first show Shame On You was all about
9th Jun 2021
1 hour
Are you one of many millions of people who say they'd like to write a book but never get it started or worse, never get it finished? Be honest.If you're a speaker or would like to be a paid speaker,
1st Jun 2021
1 hour
The vast majority of people doing sales and marketing for their businesses don't understand what gets people to buy or worse, are still operating on outdated sales modalities. Are you one of them?I
26th May 2021
58 minutes
Do you use your voice in your work? Whether you're a speaker, singer, actor, receptionist, CEO, store manager, or required to speak in any kind of work-related situation, your voice is essential to
17th May 2021
52 minutes
Have you ever listened to yourself on a recording? Did you like what you heard?I think most of us know that we sound quite different to others than we do to ourselves and at first it is usually a
14th May 2021
49 minutes
How do you sell without selling?So many business owners and entrepreneurs fall apart in their presentations when it comes time to make the sale, but why? My guest Rael Bricker has the answer to this
12th May 2021
1 hour
How many times a day do you laugh? Probably not nearly enough. My guest on this show is on a mission to help the world laugh, think and play more.Emma Stroud is a well-known speaker, entertainer and
10th May 2021
1 hour
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