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This week, I am revisiting a book. And I think it’s good to revisit and review information that you have done before, because you forget stuff. And it’s especially good to do that when the book has been revised as well. So I have been rereading relisting to the revised version, the third edition of Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. If you haven’t come across Michael Port before, he’s a great speaker. There’s some TED Talks online, you can watch for free, find them on YouTube, I recommend it. He and his wife, Amy are both very good speakers. In fact, they run a speaker Academy called Heroic Public Speaking, which I recommend checking out as well. And Michael also has a new book called steal the show, which I haven’t read yet. And it’s on my wish list. It’s going to be coming up pretty soon. On my what I’m reading list for sure. Now, the reason I’m reading this is because I have a client based business and I want to fill up my client based business and the information that’s in here is is really very clear. Michael takes you through a very solid marketing strategy. That’s going to help you fill up your clients and a number of different strategies that you can use according to your own skills. Like if you are expert in social media, there’s a strategy for that if you’re expert in blogging, there’s a strategy for that. If you’re good at writing, there’s a strategy for that. I really recommend checking it out. It’s an excellent book. I have been really enjoying reading it rereading it. In fact, I’m going to listen to that vision again very soon. And I’m going to be checking out Michael Port’s new book. So do check that book out, just keeping it to one book a week. Now, go and read Book Yourself Solid

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