Transform your body with guest Iain Eyre

Points of Change

Do you ever wish you had more energy for life and work?

My guest for this show is personal trainer Iain Eyre and he joins me to discuss how he's helping business owners and entrepreneurs to create more energy in their lives by taking care of our exercise and nutrition.

Iain helps people create a solid mindset around health and fitness to be able to make it a part of who you are, rather than just something you do when your jeans get too tight.

I hope you'll enjoy this informative and helpful show. My big take away has been that we gain time by taking care of our health because we will feel better and perform better. Who knows, maybe we'll even gain a few extra years to enjoy it.

If you want to be a high performer in every part of your life, you might well like to connect with Iain and find out how he can help you. The best way to do that is his website

Next week my guest is Erin McCullough who will be discussing how she overcame crippling anxiety to discover impenetrable joy.