Beyond Trauma with guest Mark Pitcher

Points of Change

Have you ever been so sad that you wondered if you'd ever be happy again?

Could you imagine thriving after a big life trauma?

My guest on this show is here to not only show it's possible but also to share how he's helping other people to move past emotional trauma.

Some people are thriving in the time of quarantines and covid and some people are not. The predicted mental health crisis is already here and it is people like my guest Mark Pitcher who are a lifeline in helping people deal and heal from trauma.

Mark's own story is his experience with trauma and coming back from it. He's now dedicated to helping others move out of trauma and into new possibilities for the future with his business Holistic Adventures.

Join us for our next show with Ruari Fairbairns from One Year No Beer where we'll be discussing life beyond alcohol and Ruari sets me a challenge. What was it? Did I accept? How's it going? Tune in to find out.

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