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Every transformation starts with a point of change.

Life is full of challenges, and we could all use some help sometimes. That's why I started asking expert coaches, mentors, speakers, authors and business people to come and share their own journeys of transformation and how they are now helping others to achieve theirs.

How did they do it? What were the crucial points of change for them? What are the tools and philosophies that have helped along the way? We'll be steering far away from the religious, supernatural and new age woo to focus on the practical, researched, tested and scientifically supported tools/methods of change.

As host, I am a professional coach and trainer who has transformed my own life using personal and professional development tools and stoic philosophy. You'll also find me doing events where I talk about things like influence & persuasion and why most goal setting is BS and sometimes even dangerous.

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2021 Present Influence Productions

What would you do if you found yourself serving prison time for a crime you didn't commit?

This is the very real situation my guest Sean Crane found himself in at the age of 23, facing losing all of his life prospects and sitting in a small prison cell contemplating his life.

Sean decided this was an opportunity for him to turn his life around and committed himself to a path of personal, professional and physical development. Now, Sean is a professional coach, speaker and author with a story you will want to see the film version of.

Sean's story is an incredible testament to be able to make the most of a bad situation when it seems like your whole life has gone to hell. He turned it around and is helping inspire more people to do the same.

You won't want to miss this episode.

Find out more about Sean:

Next episode we're talking kindness with the amazing Donna cameron.

17th May 2021
46 minutes

You feel your throat tightening, your heart racing, are you having a heart episode? What's going on?

Imagine being so gripped by panic attacks and anxiety that you were unable to leave your home for a year! That was the experience of my guest Erin McCullough.

It's hard to believe that she's now a coach and speaker helping people connect with and create impenetrable joy in their lives. It's a long way from the panic attacks and she is here to share her story and how she turned things around and now helps others to do the same.

Connect with Erin here:

Next week my guest is Sean Crane, who was wrongly convicted of a violent crime and spent 7 years in prison. Find out why he says it was the best thing that happened in his life. Don't miss it.

12th May 2021
45 minutes

Do you ever wish you had more energy for life and work?

My guest for this show is personal trainer Iain Eyre and he joins me to discuss how he's helping business owners and entrepreneurs to create more energy in their lives by taking care of our exercise and nutrition.

Iain helps people create a solid mindset around health and fitness to be able to make it a part of who you are, rather than just something you do when your jeans get too tight.

I hope you'll enjoy this informative and helpful show. My big take away has been that we gain time by taking care of our health because we will feel better and perform better. Who knows, maybe we'll even gain a few extra years to enjoy it.

If you want to be a high performer in every part of your life, you might well like to connect with Iain and find out how he can help you. The best way to do that is his website

Next week my guest is Erin McCullough who will be discussing how she overcame crippling anxiety to discover impenetrable joy.

3rd May 2021
53 minutes

Can you imagine getting to 60+ years and realising that you're not happy and you don't want that life anymore?

If you'd like to make sure that doesn't happen to you, then this episode was made just for you.

My guest Jessica McGregor-Johnson is a wonderful person who I've had the pleasure of knowing for many years after meeting in personal development trainings. She's the author of several books and she hosts transformative retreats in a beautiful location in Spain.

We talked about things like the power of setting intentions, radical life changes and personal values. There are some great pieces to take away from this episode and for me personally, it's been great to be reminded about setting conscious intentions which I have started doing once again with my morning routine.

I hope you will find your own takeaways from Jessica and if you'd like to know more about Jessica and her books or retreats, here's where you need to go and it's the same link you can use to book a free chat with Jessica as offered on the show.

Next week my guest is Iain Eyre, a personal trainer who focuses on physical transformations. Don't miss it.

22nd Apr 2021
47 minutes

What do you do when you've just received a serious diagnosis?

Jessica de la Morena´s cancer journey has transformed her and led her to create an empowerment and wellbeing movement. She is on a mission to help people going through adversity to find strength and most importantly to find their inner hero that has been there all along. Her intention is to reach people with inspiration and recommendations of resources and lessons learned at the onset of their personal disruptions, to help them shift from being reactive to taking response-ability in their wellbeing and lives and therefore actively look for solutions and find the positive opportunities in the situations they are facing. 

She is a business development and strategy executive in a global company, where she also teaches transformational leadership courses and does group and individual coaching. Jessica also loves opportunities to change people's mindset through inspirational speeches. 

Visit Jessica's website You Are The Hero

Next time on the show I'm speaking with Jessica McGregor Johnson about her books, her beautiful Spanish retreat and choosing happiness and fulfilment for yourself. Don't miss it.

15th Apr 2021
40 minutes

You've heard of FOMO but have you heard of JOMO?

JOMO started out as the joy of missing out and was the antidote to FOMO. My guest coach Karey Spransy found a different meaning to JOMO which has been a tool and resource to her on her journey through cancer treatment and other tough life challenges.

Karey is an amazing coach with huge empathy and a great energy for her empowering message that can help anyone going through a crappy time to create the space to change how they feel about it or decide how they want it to affect them.

We had a lot of fun chatting and even ended up discussing Drag Race UK, which is the first time I've ever talked about that particular guilty pleasure on a podcast. I hope you'll enjoy the show as much as we enjoyed recording it. The cost of the show is sharing it with others so it can be a resource for your network too.

Connect with Karey on Clubhouse @kareyoncoaching or on her website to start your journey with JOMO.

Tune in next week when I'm speaking with the amazing Jessica de la Morena about being the hero in another empowering Points of Change.

7th Apr 2021
53 minutes

What does it take to make an impact as a coach?

My guest A'nary Bellamy has more than a few clues on this and she is here on the show to share her insights.

A'nary Bellamy is a Communication & Connection Coach who desires to make an impact on the world. Through life experience and powerful conversations, she discovered that the best way to do that was to help people who desire to make an impact themselves. This is why she created High Performing Coaches, it's the safe place for coaches to be transparent about what they need in order to help the masses and get the help they need to make it happen.

A'nary has several certifications in areas like NLP, Life Coaching, Abundance Coaching, Strategic Coaching, and much more. She invested in educating herself with the knowledge she felt would help her help more.

A'nary's deepest desire is to be known as the coach that made a difference in the world and did so by helping thousands of coaches reach the people they were destined to serve. I'd say she's well on her way.

You can find out more about A'nary from her website High Performing Coaches and by her name on Facebook, Insta and LinkedIn

Join me next time with my guest Karey Spransy where we're chatting about what happens when life hits the fan. Remember to subscribe and share the love with your friends.

29th Mar 2021
37 minutes

How do you make your tough times work for you?

That's what my guest Sabyasachi Sengupta's book 'What's your plan B' is all about. We discuss that and Saby's experience in public speaking.

Since Saby is a former winner of the Toastmasters European contest for evaluations, we'll also be chatting about giving feedback and what makes a winning evaluation.

Find out more about Saby here  and maybe connect on LinkedIn since he's super friendly.

Join me for more amazing guests very soon.

23rd Mar 2021
52 minutes

With hindsight, she had felt her intuition telling her this was a bad person to have a relationship with but she's ignored it all and went ahead anyway to later end up wishing she'd saved herself the heartache.

This is a situation I'm pretty sure we can all relate to, that we've had a sense of things being good or bad, right or wrong for us and have sometimes overridden our instincts and not gone with our gut to later end up regretting it.

Listeners who are familiar with me will know that I am not into mysticism, woo or spiritual beliefs as such and am much more of a scientific and evidence-based individual who errs on the side of scepticism. Lucky for me, my guest has done his homework and the research to help understand not just what intuition is but how to have it always work for you.

After making a series of bad decisions, with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to find out that the reason we waste time making bad decisions is that we ignore our intuition, a subconscious phenomenon that we are all born with that helps us make the right decision at the right time in any situation we find ourselves in.

Sunil developed a seven-step process that shows you how to sharpen your intuition so that the only decisions you make are the right ones in any situation that move your life forward and he shares it with us in this episode.

Get your mitts on a copy of his book here: and if you're up for the 7 day challenge you can access that here:

Here are all Sunil's links, including his podcast: Website:






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15th Mar 2021
54 minutes

In a time where most people have no savings, no investments and are living month to month on whatever income they have, how would it feel to set yourself up for a not just comfortable but wealthy future and retirement?

That's exactly what my dear friend Vicki Wusche is helping people to do. Vicki is my goto recommendation when I have clients who want to get into creating income through property investing.

I've been fortunate enough to have seen much of Vicki's transformation from the time when she had been made redundant and didn't know what she was going to do, through to becoming a familiar face and voice in the property investment world as a coach, speaker and author.

Vicki is now helping others to create fantastic financial futures and wealthy retirements and she's going to share her thoughts on managing personal finances and what people should be doing and thinking about if they want to create their own wealthy retirement plan.

Connect with Vicki here:

Next time on Points of Change, I'm chatting to Sunil Godse about his new book 'Gut' about the science of intuition and how to get yours working for you. Make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it.

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13th Mar 2021
51 minutes

How often do we stop to think about how we learn or how others learn?

Friend of the show and learning pirate supreme Lauren Waldman is what you could describe as a translator but instead of translating a language, she's translating the latest research in neuroscience so people like you and me can take advantage of the cutting edge of learning and development.

Lauren was such a fantastic guest on my other show Speaking of Influence, I just knew she'd be great to bring back for Points of Change and that turned out to be a good decision.

If you're anything like me and you're fascinated by the neuroscience of it all but don't want to get bogged down with terminology or lost in long-winded papers and articles, this is the ideal show for you to get an understanding of our latest insights from the experts into how we learn and how we teach.

Find out more about Lauren and connect:

Join me for the next episode with my good friend Vicki Wusche where we'll be discussing her journey from a less than solid financial experience to becoming a successful property investor in the UK. She's now helping others to create financial security and a wealthy retirement. This and more coming very soon.

If you would like to be a guest on Points of Change or you know someone who would be a great guest, please get in touch:

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12th Mar 2021
58 minutes

When you're new to leadership and feeling unsure what to do next, how do you get unstuck?

Join me for a chat with the best-selling author Anthony Santillanes, on how he helps people get unstuck and always know the next step to take.

Anthony is a successful coach, speaker, and trainer on the John Maxwell team, is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and author of “Becoming Unstuck: The Essential Guide to Always Know the Next Step for You”. Originally from Texas, Anthony’s passion is serving leaders in their quest to be the best version of themselves.

If you'd like a free copy of Anthony's book, send him an email

You can find out more about Anthony on his website: Facebook: and Linked In:

Join me for the next episode with Lauren Waldman, learning pirate, where we'll be getting into the neuroscience of learning and metacognition. It's an essential episode for course and workshop creators. Make sure you're subscribed for more amazing guests and sharing is caring, so if there are people in your network who might enjoy it, share the love.

10th Mar 2021
51 minutes

When was the last time you procrastinated?

Well, don't put off listening to this podcast. My guest Eric Twiggs has a proven blueprint to overcoming procrastination and he's sharing it with us.

Eric is the author of 'The Discipline of Now' and the host of a weekly inspirational podcast titled "The 30-Minute Hour."

Let us know how you're overcoming procrastination. Get some more help from Eric with his book/audiobook available here and join the What Now movement in Eric's Facebook group

On the next show, my guest is Anthony Santallines and we're talking about how he's helping new leaders to always know what to do next.

9th Mar 2021
43 minutes

Where Certainty Ends, Possibility Begins.

This is a phrase my guest on this episode loves to share and live by. His name is Scott Perry and he's the founder of Creative On Purpose and author of several best selling books.

Scott's here to talk about his new book 'Onward' and we'll be delving into his work with marketing master Seth Godin, our shared love of stoic philosophy and music and how Scott is helping people to do work that makes a difference.

To find out more about Scott and register for his free mini-course mentioned in the episode, go to

Here are all Scott's social links: Linked In, Facebook, YouTube & Insta

Join me for conversations about busting through procrastination, help for new leaders, learning how to learn and more besides.

8th Mar 2021
43 minutes

How healthy is your relationship with alcohol?

Maybe you don't drink? Perhaps you're like me and enjoy a few glasses of vino at the weekend?

If you want to improve your personal relationships you might work with a relationship coach. Ruari Fairbairns is the coach to speak to if you want to improve your relationship with alcohol.

What would life be like if you stopped for a while? Hmmm... When Ruari asked me to think about this, all the reasons I didn't want to surged up in my mind. Then Ruari helped navigate me through to the reasons it could be great. What happened next? Take a listen.

Originally from the Isle of Mull, Ruari had a difficult childhood, struggling intensely with his thoughts and finding it impossible to fit in. Determined to make his mark on the world one day, the relentless entrepreneur started working at the age of 14 and a sequence of events led him to London where he worked as a senior Oil Broker. He began to experience a number of health problems including IBS, anxiety and dry skin and soon realised that alcohol was causing him more trouble than good. Six months later he decided to remove alcohol from his life, and this was the starting point for his journey with One Year No Beer because it allowed him to create space in his life, to find his true meaning and purpose.

One Year No Beer is an award-winning toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol-free and has since recruited over 80,000 members worldwide. Ruari believes that having a community is crucial to making a positive lifestyle change.

Find out more about Ruari and OYNB here and join me on the challenge. Let me know if you register and let Points of Change support you in improving your relationship with alcohol.

5th Mar 2021
58 minutes

Have you ever been so sad that you wondered if you'd ever be happy again?

Could you imagine thriving after a big life trauma?

My guest on this show is here to not only show it's possible but also to share how he's helping other people to move past emotional trauma.

Some people are thriving in the time of quarantines and covid and some people are not. The predicted mental health crisis is already here and it is people like my guest Mark Pitcher who are a lifeline in helping people deal and heal from trauma.

Mark's own story is his experience with trauma and coming back from it. He's now dedicated to helping others move out of trauma and into new possibilities for the future with his business Holistic Adventures.

Join us for our next show with Ruari Fairbairns from One Year No Beer where we'll be discussing life beyond alcohol and Ruari sets me a challenge. What was it? Did I accept? How's it going? Tune in to find out.

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4th Mar 2021
1 hour

We need to talk!

The ominous words that we rarely like to hear, especially from a significant other.

But what if we really want or need to communicate something and we just find it hard to say or are not feeling safe to communicate?

I invited the amazing Dana Pharant to join me for this chat, because who better than a former dominatrix to help us straighten our spines and woman up.

On the next show, I'm speaking with Mark Pitcher on healing from trauma. Mark has lived through the horrible trauma of losing a child to suicide and we're talking about how you recover yourself from that kind of pain, let alone find meaning and purpose in life once again. Please don't be put off by the story, I promise it's a wonderful and heartfelt conversation.

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3rd Mar 2021
52 minutes

How does uncertainty affect you?

Some people embrace it but most people get stressed out by it.

My good friend and coaching colleague James Kilgarriff joins me for this episode to discuss how we deal with uncertainty and how we coach people on this topic.

Next episode we're navigating difficult conversations with the amazing Dana Pharant.

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2nd Mar 2021
52 minutes

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? What about when life serves up a big steaming pile of ____?

In this very first full episode of Points of Change, I speak with Heidi Loughlin who is not only a breast cancer survivor, she's out there in the world making people laugh and showing that even when you've been through the biggest of ordeals, there's still a way back to happiness and even laughter.

I hope you will love and enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed having it and be sure to like and subscribe to this new show.

1st Mar 2021
1 hour

How do some people manage to make such big life transformations?

Every week I will be chatting with coaches, mentors, changemakers and people with incredible stories of transformations both personal and professional.

We'll be finding out how they did it and what the crucial points of change were for them. Join us for powerful and inspirational conversations with amazing people.

18th Feb 2021
6 minutes