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Points of Change

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Every transformation starts with a point of change.

Life is full of challenges, and we could all use some help sometimes. That's why I started asking expert coaches, mentors, speakers, authors and business people to come and share their own journeys of transformation and how they are now helping others to achieve theirs.

How did they do it? What were the crucial points of change for them? What are the tools and philosophies that have helped along the way? We'll be steering far away from the religious, supernatural and new age woo to focus on the practical, researched, tested and scientifically supported tools/methods of change.

As host, I am a professional coach and trainer who has transformed my own life using personal and professional development tools and stoic philosophy. You'll also find me doing events where I talk about things like influence & persuasion and why most goal setting is BS and sometimes even dangerous.

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2021 Present Influence Productions

What would you do if you found yourself serving prison time for a crime you didn't commit?

This is the very real situation my guest Sean Crane found himself in at the age of 23,

17th May 2021
46 minutes

You feel your throat tightening, your heart racing, are you having a heart episode? What's going on?

Imagine being so gripped by panic attacks and anxiety that you were unable to

12th May 2021
45 minutes

Do you ever wish you had more energy for life and work?

My guest for this show is personal trainer Iain Eyre and he joins me to discuss how he's helping business owners and

3rd May 2021
53 minutes

Can you imagine getting to 60+ years and realising that you're not happy and you don't want that life anymore?

If you'd like to make sure that doesn't happen to you, then this episode

22nd Apr 2021
47 minutes

What do you do when you've just received a serious diagnosis?

Jessica de la Morena´s cancer journey has transformed her and led her to create an empowerment and wellbeing movement.

15th Apr 2021
40 minutes

You've heard of FOMO but have you heard of JOMO?

JOMO started out as the joy of missing out and was the antidote to FOMO. My guest coach Karey Spransy found a different meaning to

7th Apr 2021
53 minutes

What does it take to make an impact as a coach?

My guest A'nary Bellamy has more than a few clues on this and she is here on the show to share her insights.

A'nary Bellamy is

29th Mar 2021
37 minutes

With hindsight, she had felt her intuition telling her this was a bad person to have a relationship with but she's ignored it all and went ahead anyway to later end up wishing she'd saved

15th Mar 2021
54 minutes

In a time where most people have no savings, no investments and are living month to month on whatever income they have, how would it feel to set yourself up for a not just comfortable but

13th Mar 2021
51 minutes

Where Certainty Ends, Possibility Begins.

This is a phrase my guest on this episode loves to share and live by. His name is Scott Perry and he's the founder of Creative On Purpose and

8th Mar 2021
43 minutes

Have you ever been so sad that you wondered if you'd ever be happy again?

Could you imagine thriving after a big life trauma?

My guest on this show is here to not only show

4th Mar 2021
1 hour

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? What about when life serves up a big steaming pile of ____?

In this very first full episode of Points of Change, I speak with

1st Mar 2021
1 hour

How do some people manage to make such big life transformations?

Every week I will be chatting with coaches, mentors, changemakers and people with incredible stories of

18th Feb 2021
6 minutes