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The Effective Presenter with guest Ryan Warriner

Speaking Influence

Here's a missing word quiz. When you have __________ in yourself, others will have __________ in you. 

You can use trust or confidence to fill the gap and that is one of the main themes of this episode.

Today's professional needs to be able to communicate effectively, whether it's in the boardroom, on Zoom or from the platform. My guest is a professor of communication, the founder and lead trainer of Professional Presentation Strategies and the author of the brand new book 'The Effective Presenter'. His name is Ryan Warriner and I'm delighted to bring you our fascinating conversation.

In this episode:

  • Why confidence is so important in communication
  • How Ryan helps students make the transition to professional life
  • Why effective presenting is an essential skill for business
  • Whether structure or emotion matters more
  • Why some people mess up their presentations
  • The challenges of getting feedback
  • How to know if your presentation was effective

and more besides.

Ryan's new book The Effective Presenter is available for pre-order on Amazon: and you can find out more about his consultancy work here:

Ryan's book recommendations are:

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