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Influence with Vulnerability with guest Tyler Foley

Speaking Influence

Authenticity! We keep hearing it.
Authenticity! What does it really mean?
Authenticity! It's become so overused as to become almost meaningless.

My guest today believed that what we're looking for is not really authenticity but more self-awareness and vulnerability that lets people in and lets them know who we are. He is an actor, professional speaker, speaker trainer and veteran podcast guest, Tyler Foley. He was also in the Tru Calling TV show with the amazing Eliza Dushku, although only briefly... 

In this episode:

  • Self-aware > Authentic
  • Is it OK to swear on stage?
  • Lessons from acting that carry into speaking
  • The power and need for vulnerability
  • Should you pay for your own stages?
  • Why you should aim for different, not better
  • How to resonate with your audience

and more besides.

Don't miss this great episode and our upcoming Xmas special treat with internationally acclaimed body language expert Mark Bowden.

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