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In the middle of delivering the report, he noticed that not only was she not really paying attention, but she was also playing Yahtzee on her phone. How did he know she was playing Yahtzee? The phone screen was reflected in her glasses.  There could not be a surer sign that the data was not connecting and was less interesting than a phone game of Yahtzee. Hear the full version of this story and a few more in this new episode of Speaking Influence which is about influencing with data stories with professional data storyteller Sam Knowles.

In this episode:

  • How to present data in an interesting and engaging way
  • What Sam did to annoy Naomi Klein in the 2nd edition of 'No Logo'
  • Why we're all in the persuading business
  • Why data can be persuasive with data stories
  • How too much data works against you
  • How the BeeGees have saved many lives and continue to do so
  • Why you must gauge your audience data tolerance

Sam is the author of Narrative by Numbers and How to be insightful and is currently finishing his next book which will be called Asking Smarter Questions. He is one of the hosts of The Small Data Forum Podcast. His business is called Insight Agents and you can connect with Sam on LinkedIn.

Join me for my next episode which will be all about creating national influence for positive change with the amazing Pam Warren who became a campaigner for rail safety after a horrific train accident and whose efforts have undoubtedly saved many lives. It's one not to miss.

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