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Modelling Excellence with guest Brandon Eastman

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There was only one thing I knew for sure when I first connected with Brandon Eastman about him being a guest on Speaking Influence, which was that we were going to have an interesting conversation. In fact, I would say this episode is probably THE most conversational episode I've ever published and I felt like I was getting interviewed as much as I was interviewing, which is perhaps a testament to Brandon's natural skills as a podcast host himself.

Brandon helps leaders and driven achievers break through
their limitations, perform at their peak and achieve their biggest goals. He is on a
mission to make a 1% difference in the world by empowering leaders to uncover
their gifts and abilities and use them to positively impact others.

He is the host of The Be Better Podcast which he kindly invited me on and clicking the link will take you to the episode of the show where we continued our conversation. He has many other great episodes to check out and is very active on LinkedIn, which some of my audience will know is one of my favourite platforms to hang out online.

In this episode:

  • Is college education a requirement for success?
  • The dangers of modelling yourself on your heroes
  • The 'enthusiasm' factor and why it matters
  • The energy of success
  • How a lack of authenticity can block your progress
  • Why you should not try to over curate your physical gestures when presenting

and more besides.

Brandon's book recommendations were Rhonda Byrne's 'The Secret' (and he distinctly says read the book rather than watch the film). Long time listeners will know I'm not a big fan of 'The Secret' but if you listen to our chat, you'll understand why I gave it a pass this time. He also recommends the book 'Your Next 5 moves' by Patrick Bet-David. You can connect with Brandon on LinkedIn and his website

Make sure you tune in to my next show with expert Sam Knowles who shares how to deliver technical information without boring the pants off everyone and making data fun. In the meantime, go and make great things happen. 

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