Liberating Laughter with guest Bee Baumann

Speaking Influence

Could laughter be the thing that sets you free?

It liberated my guest Bee Baumann when she discovered a gift for humourous speaking and found that it suddenly opened up a whole world of creativity for her. She's written a book called 'Gurrl, you ain't crazy', she's won humourous speaking contests (much like myself) and we both discuss how comedy is an amazing vehicle for truth and influence.

In this episode:

  • an exclusive excerpt from Bee's book read by the author herself
  • how humour is a form of rebellion
  • how humour helps with communication
  • the difference between humorous speaking and stand up comedy
  • the different kinds of listening skills and why you need to know them
  • learn Bee's H.I.V.E. communication matrix

and much more in a fun and lighthearted chat with the amazing Bee Baumann.

Next episode is with Whitney Lauritson and she knows about influence. We talk about podcasting for brand development, influencer marketing and why she hates being called an influencer. Don't miss it.

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