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Become a go-to brand with guest Barnaby Wynter

Speaking Influence

Are you putting lipstick on a pig when it comes to marketing your brand and business? 
Do you know the difference between brand and branding? 
This is the episode where you'll find that out and a whole lot more.

My guest Barnaby Wynter has deep experience and is very highly qualified to discuss brand and marketing. He developed a unique prospect acquisition strategy for Saab in the 1980s which he named The Brand Bucket®. He works now as a professional speaker, addressing over 17,000 business owners across the globe on how marketing has changed. He still advises businesses and startups on marketing strategy and how to implement his 6-step process, and he's here to share that with us.

In this episode:

  • understand the difference between brand and branding
  • How to effectively sell coaching and speaking services
  • What do people really buy?
  • Are you sharing too much info?
  • The 6-steps to effective marketing
  • Why you need to be more like your customers?
  • The ONE THING you need more than ANYTHING ELSE in marketing

and you get to share a fun and enlightening chat.

Barnaby's book recommendations were: 

  1. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber
  2. The thought leaders practice by Matt Church
  3. Lessons from the Mouse by Dennis Snow

Visit Barnaby's website: or find him on LinkedIn.

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