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My Podcast Journey So Far

Speaking Influence

What does it really take to be a podcaster? 
Should you start a podcast? 
Should you be appearing as a guest on podcasts? 

I will be answering these questions as well as my biggest challenges in podcasting, how I nearly quit the show several times and why, what made me keep going and what the future holds for Speaking Influence?

I will also share with you my driving force, my mission with the show as we enter the third season and the 101st episode of Speaking Influence with this solo show on my reflections on the journey so far and what I hope for the future. I hope you will enjoy it and I'll be back again very soon with more amazing guests and deep insights into ethical influence and persuasion on any platform.

Enjoy the show and please remember to share and subscribe. If you would like to support the show by buying me a coffee, please visit the Super Cast page link below.

Thanks for all the downloads and support so far.

 Go and make great things happen.

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