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Guardians of the Rhetorical Galaxy with guest Dan French

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What is your go-to persuasion tool? 
Do you have one? 
When it comes to the battlegrounds of persuasion are you a warrior, armed both to fight and defend yourself or will you be lion food in the coliseum? 

BIG NEWS! Speaking Influence has now reached 100 episodes. After nearly 2 years of publishing shows, we've now hit our first big podcasting milestone. So, what does the future hold for this show? It's looking very exciting, with guests booked in until the end of the year and moving to 2 episodes a week, maybe even 3. We've focused the show more towards the psychology and application of ethical influence and persuasion in life and business, meaning that this is now THE SHOW to follow if you want to be more influential and persuasive and also more successful in leadership. The future looks bright and you can help support the show by buying me a coffee from the Supercast link below. 

My guest for this milestone show is a doctor of rhetoric, Dan French. Dan is the host of Rhetoric Warriors, a podcast where he speaks with other expert rhetoricians and he's also a fan of using rhetoric to help disabuse people on political extremes of their extremism. If that's not persuasion in action, then I don't know what is.  

Here's what you can look forward to in this episode: 

  • understanding what rhetoric is and why we use it 
  • how rhetoric works as a persuasion tool 
  • why people are so swayed by propaganda and conspiracies 
  • how comedy fits into rhetoric 
  • why Donald Trump's 2016 campaign was successful and why his 2020 campaign was not 
  • that persuasion is not manipulation and we should not fear it 
  • why we need a rhetoric Guardians of the Galaxy team 
  • what the dark and light arts of rhetoric are 

and much more. 

I really could not be happier with having Dan as my 100th guest on the show and the conversation was not only fun but enlightening. If you want to know more about Dan, check out the Rhetoric Warriors podcast or the Rhetoric Warriors Facebook page. Dan's book is called The 21 Coliseums of Persuasion and is available on Amazon, currently free for those with kindle unlimited. Get your FREE 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited

Coming soon, what I've learned from 100 episodes. The launch, the mistakes, the wins, the challenges and what the future holds for Speaking Influence. Make sure you're subscribed to the show and remember to share the show in your network. It's the number one thing that helps us find more listeners and bring the weapons and armour of ethical influence and persuasion into more people's lives, leadership and business.

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