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Warm up your cold calls with guest Wendy Harris

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What do you think is one of the biggest fears people have in business? 
It's one that sometimes causes businesses not to grow and to end up struggling.
It's mostly an irrational fear.
It's the fear of making sales calls, especially cold calls.

I've said many times recently that the show is moving to a stronger focus on the influence and persuasion side of things, although we will still be coming back to public speaking and presentation skills regularly, as they are such a big part of influence and persuasion, especially in modern professional life. I have shows already recorded and coming shortly with a content marketing expert, a negotiations expert, a speaking coach for non-speakers, a communications expert and more besides. Make sure you're subscribed.

My guest today is an expert in making sales calls and cold calls and she's going to take the fear away. A bold claim I know but Wendy Harris has over 30 years in making sales calls, over 1 million calls made and many people and businesses trained in her 'Making Conversations Count' methodology. I learned a lot from Wendy and will be putting it all into action on my own sales calls. Will you?

In this episode you will:

  • find out the real reason why most people are afraid of making sales calls
  • discover the right way to approach sales calls
  • learn which accents people tend to love
  • how your personality type affects your sales
  • what people often get wrong on sales calls

If you want to connect with Wendy you can visit her website or reach out to her on LinkedIn and you can take the phone skills test here. She'll be more than happy to connect with you and help get you on track for making amazing sales calls.

Let me know what you've learned from the show and what you'd like to see in the future by connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter. Who are the guests I should get on the show? Who would you like to see come back? What should I do to celebrate 100 shows of Speaking Influence?

Did you catch last week's episode about the self-employed life with Jeffrey Shaw? It was a great show for anyone who is self-employed or thinking about moving in that direction.

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