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She worked hard all the time. In fact, there were few employees as conscientious as her. Always early to work, one of the first in and one of the last out. Always hit her targets and nice to everyone but not very talkative. Always lost out on promotions to the more extroverted employees. A valued employee who didn't feel valued. She had aspirations, but she felt ignored and taken for granted. So when she was made a better offer by a competitor who showed that they listened to and valued all of their employees and not just the loudest ones, she left.

Did you know that there is a 33% productivity gap caused by ignorance of introversion?

Introverts can have a hard time in the workplace when many business cultures favour extroverts and assume loud confidence to be better than quiet confidence. My guest for this episode is Jon Baker, and Jon is on a mission to help businesses value and listen to their introverted employees more. About one-third of the workforce are introverted, and very often, they are finding it hard to rise through the ranks unless they make themselves more extroverted.

Jon believes businesses can and should do a better job of managing their teams and meetings to make sure all voices are heard and that valuable voices are not ignored because of the people who love to speak more. Introverts can still make great leaders and can still be great communicators.

We also talked about ninja networking for introverts and becoming a go-to expert in business marketing in a world where there are so many fakers. It's a fun conversation whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. Jon has written several books on these topics and is a great speaker and trainer.

If your business needs to manage better and recognise their more introverted employees, Jon is the man to help. You can visit his website http://introvertinbusiness.co.uk/ or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jon's book recommendations are The E-myth by Michael Gerber, which I fully agree is a great read and The Introverts Guide to World Domination by Nick Shelton, which I shall add to my ever-expanding must-read list.

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