Shamelessly Funny with guest Jordan Power

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Does being funny come at a price?

If it does, then my guest Jordan Power has undoubtedly paid it. He's a professional comedian, author and podcaster. His first show Shame On You was all about overcoming the shame and stigma related to LGBT+ people and confronting those issues head-on with uncompromising honesty and guttural humour, discussing his own life, his father coming out, his relationships, sexual encounters, STDs, colitis and more.

His new show Unmentionable goes beyond the scope of Jordan's own life to talk about and with people who generally would not appear in mainstream media and to tell the stories that we want to hear, like the guy who is the world's most prolific sperm donor, father to 82 children! Also, you get to hear Jordan's non-woke perspectives and opinions, which are what his fans love him for.

If you want to be seriously entertained and also learn a few things about how to be more honest and less scared with your opinions, you will love this show. If you're sensitive to bad language, sexual themes and adult discussions, this may not be the show for you.... (MUM!)

Check out Jordan's podcast here: Unmentionable

Follow Jordan on Instagram here: Jordan P

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