Publish that book with guest Léandre Larouche

Speaking Influence

Are you one of many millions of people who say they'd like to write a book but never get it started or worse, never get it finished? Be honest.

If you're a speaker or would like to be a paid speaker, having a book that relates to your speaking topics can make all the difference and might even enable you to demand higher fees for your speeches and events. It regularly gets said that having a book is the best business card and my guest Léandre Larouche of Trivium Writing is an expert in helping people conceive, start, write and publish their books.

  • Léandre shares the best publishing strategies
  • How to get your book finished
  • How long your book should be
  • How to overcome the things that trip up most writers
  • How to bring your emotion to the pages instead of the process
  • How to beat writing procrastination and more...

You can find out more about Léandre's book coaching at Trivium Writing and you can get Léandre's free training here and his book recommendations were Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and On Writing Wel, by William Zinsser.

If you'd like to connect with Léandre, here are his socials:

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