Present Influence

Selling from the stage with guest Rael Bricker

Speaking Influence

How do you sell without selling?

So many business owners and entrepreneurs fall apart in their presentations when it comes time to make the sale, but why? My guest Rael Bricker has the answer to this and many other questions, such as how to present technical or detailed information to a group and how to improve and manage your energy as a coach or presenter.

With over 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, Rael Bricker helps businesses succeed by delivering a series of dynamic talks on building businesses by thinking outside the box. Rael has been presenting for many years on business, culture, finance, investing, diversity and ethics.  Learning is best practice combined with practical experience to achieve business excellence.

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Next time: The voice coaches are coming! Ambika Devi and Dielle Hannah are going to give us 2 very different approaches to maintaining and improving our voices.

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