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Pedal to the metal with guest Ken Rutkowski

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What do you think a network of heart-centred businessmen would look like?

Wonder no more, Ken Rutkowski is not only a world-renowned speaker, a radio host and presenter but also the founder of METAL which is a network for heart centred men who are helping each other to be better in all areas of their lives and creating an environment where professional men are not afraid to say 'I love you' to their brotherhood.

I had a fantastic experience with METAL and will definitely be heading back. And in case any of you amazing ladies are feeling left out, there are plans for a women's group in the network too. I highly recommend checking out the network you have the opportunity to check it out for free with no obligation and no heavy sales. If it's right for you, you'll know but they need to know you're a fit in the group too.

We had a lot of fun chatting about Ken's illustrious career in radio and as a speaker, we even found out that he has a formal title bestowed by royalty. To me, it's unsurprising as Ken is an exceptionally warm and giving man who does everything from the heart and seems to me to keep himself humble. I hope you will enjoy this chat as much as I did.

Connect with Ken:

Ken's book recommendation is 'The Way of the Bull' but Leo Buscaglia.

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