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What's the secret of a great online course or program?

Don't know? Dan Netting does and he's helping course creators and virtual teachers create great content, get it online and make money doing it. Join us as we talk about how to make bank from online courses.

Having spent 8 years building a business around packaging and selling expertise online
in a very niche and traditionally offline based industry - motorcycle track riding techniques
– now Dan helps other coaches, consultants and trainers turn their expertise into impactful online courses to help them better leverage their knowledge, while also building
businesses based on a foundation of the positive impact they have on the people they

Here's where you can connect with Dan:

Dan says "the success is not in the sale, it’s in the client transformation." His focus is on creating learning experiences that work and deliver results.

Dan's book recommendation was 'How People Learn' by Nick Shackleton-Jones.

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