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Virtually Speaking with guest Peter Hopwood

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What's the top goal of most new and aspiring speakers?

Well... other than winning the Toastmasters world championship of public speaking, it's usually something along the lines of giving a TED talk.

My guest on this episode is Peter Hopwood who is a global speaker coach, TEDx Coach, Virtual Speaking & Storytelling Specialist and Media Skills Trainer. It's fair to say he knows a few things about giving a great TED talk and much more besides. We had a great and fun chat which we hope you will also enjoy listening to.

Peter travels the globe (now virtually) helping people define, craft and tell clearer stories
with stronger impact. Bringing more value, clarity and engagement to their ideas. He
helps executives, entrepreneurs and teams to develop their speaking style in front of a
crowd or in a virtual setting, gain investment and persuade with impact.

From Dubai to Amsterdam, Shanghai to Berlin, Peter’s workshops and coaching skills are
in high demand across global digital, entrepreneurship and startup scenes.

Equally, as an internationally experienced live events MC, Peter has developed an
extensive global portfolio of shaping some of the strongest tech events on the planet.
London born, Peter has worked in 32 countries and lived in 7 - now based in Croatia.

Connect with Peter:

Next time on Speaking of Influence I am speaking to Dan Netting about course creation and I may even have a bonus episode for you next week. Stay tuned.

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