Careering Towards Comedy with guest Donna Shannon

Donna Shannon is a careers coach with a difference. When she’s not helping people land their dream jobs, you’re likely to find her taking to the stage and making people laugh. You’d think career coaching and comedy would be worlds apart but not for Donna. She makes it work in her own unique style.

We discussed Donna’s road to where she is now, which included things like becoming a radio presenter. You’ll hear possibly the worst ever answer to the question ‘Why should we hire you?’ and you’ll get to find out whether or not I have any tattoos. Join us for a fun conversation about making people laugh and doing the things you love.

If you’d like to get in touch with Donna, here’s all the socials:

To claim the free 15-minute resume review & consultation Donna offers, go here:

You can get a copy of Donna’s book Get a Job Without Going Crazy (3rd Edition) and be sure to check out her podcast ‘Tattooed Freaks In Business Suits. Donna’s book recommendation on the show was Stephen King’s ‘On Writing‘, which I will definitely be checking out.

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