January 2021

The Diversified Business Diva with guest Tamika Martin

There are times in life you encounter people who seem to be able to do it all and keep multiple plates spinning whilst also juggling and doing sudoku. Tamika Martin is such a person and it was a delight to speak with a charismatic entrepreneur, mother and now grandmother who is doing it all and continually pushing forward.

Tamika has expertise in event management, hosting and promotion and being the superwoman that she is, doing them all at the same time! She has her own podcast call ‘Hit me up’ and shares who would be her ideal guest, as well as who’s podcast she loves the most (other than mine… obvs…) and would like to appear on.

We chat about entrepreneurial life, networking skills, accidentally going on tour with Snoop Dog and a lot of other things besides. Enjoy the chat and make sure to subscribe for future episodes.

If you’d like to know more about Tamika and connect with her on the socials:

Next week my guest is career coach, professional speaker and stand up comedian Donna Shannon. We had great fun speaking and I’m certain you’ll have fun listening. See you next time.

Sex Education and Stand Up with guest Raylene Tasoski

Raylene Taskoski developed her unique mix of Sex Ed and Stand Up Comedy in living rooms throughout New England. For 13 years she’s educated women about how
their bodies work and why they work that way and along the way she’s gained
some hilarious universal truths and insights that leave her guests roaring with
laughter and a sense of relief that “it’s not just me!”

​Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed is about taking the living room on the road and letting
everyone hear what we’ve been talking about in private! The subject matter is a little fruity but although we discuss some adult themes, we just have an open conversation with nothing sexually explicit.

I had so much fun chatting with Raylene Taskoski and this episode is my New Year gift to you. If you’d like to know more about Raylene, you can connect with her on social media:

and her own website RayleneTaskoski.com

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