The Lowdown on Linked In with guest Mark Williams

I’ve had a few Linked In Specialists as guests on my show and I invited Mark Williams on because he’s a Linked In trainer who also has a podcast about Linked In and making it work for you and your business. Mark is one of only 4 LinkedIn Trainers in the world to be certified by LinkedIn.

As you can imagine, I had some questions and I am happy to tell you, he has some great answers. I bumped the release of this episode up, as so much of the content is pertinent and time relevant and I want you to be able to take advantage of everything he shared.

We discussed how to use LinkedIn to gain more bookings as a professional speaker, profile tips for speakers, working with the algorithm to improve your relevance
and posting and engagement techniques for results.

Of course, you could also subscribe to Mark’s podcast Linked Informed to stay fully informed and up to date, which I have done myself.

You can check out Mark’s website here and, of course, connect on Linked In if you like.

Mark’s book recommendation was ‘The Go-Giver’ by Bob Burg, which I agree is a great recommendation.

If you’re in a reading mood, why not download a copy of my new free ebook from my website Present Influence. It’s called ‘The 5 Key Beliefs of Bulletproof Speakers’ and it will help you understand and install beliefs that usually take years of experience to obtain.

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