Win the day every day with guest Coach Cam

In this episode, I chat with the speaker, author, entrepreneur and (American) football coach known as Coach Cam. He has seamlessly blended his professional sports career with motivational speaking, applying and sharing all the philosophy and wisdom he himself has received and delivered in his sports coaching career.

As someone who started his entrepreneurial journey age 9 and has gone on to become a social entrepreneur with a portfolio of businesses. He is now becoming known as a motivational speaker who is committed to helping others step up their lives to new levels of leadership and success.

We discuss his recipe of faith, stoicism and self-talk, his journey to entrepreneurship and how his career as a football coach has set him up and inspired him to take a powerful philosophy out into the world in service of others.

You can find out more about Coach Cam and his new E-Course Win the 1st Quarter of Your Day: Playbook for Wealth, Health, & Success at and I highly recommend that you do.

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