Unwrapping humour with guest Melanie Gayle

Continuing my series on using humour in presentations, I was fortunate enough to get to chat with comedienne, rapper, actress, presenter and businesswoman Melanie Gayle. We dive into what it takes to be funny on a platform and how the most important thing can just be to give it a go and get started.

Melanie has a wealth of experience and she shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way, as well as giving us many funny moments to enjoy. It was a delight to chat with Melanie and she’s a great example of how someone can evolve and grow in their lives to be more than just one thing, as on top of her career as a performer she also runs a talent agency.

We talk about mental flexibility and adaptability, we talk about the value of comedy courses and just going for it as well as many other aspects of performance. Mel brings the energy and you’ll love listening as much as I enjoyed getting to chat with her.

Join us for a great conversation and a lot of laughter on this episode of Speaking of Influence.

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