Should I Write a book? With guest Juliet Clark

It’s been said that having your own book is the best business card there is. It classifies you as an expert and it sets you apart from the vast majority of people who are unpublished. It can help you get booked more as a speaker, it can help you get paid more as a speaker, coach or trainer and it can dramatically grow your following and brand but you need to do it right.

My guest this week is the lovely Juliet Clark who is the owner and founder of Super Brand Publishing. Juliet works with coaches and speakers who are looking to write and publish non-fiction books in their market and she cheerleads, helps plan and gives a tried and tested process that takes away any guesswork and gets your hard work as an author paying off for you by launching the right way.

We had a lot of fun chatting together and at one point we even discussed Tiger King on Netflix… but mostly we chatted about publishing.

See if writing a book is the right thing for you in your business right now. Take Juliet’s quiz to find out…

Next week my guest is professional actress and comedian Melanie Gayle. She was great fun to chat with and is a super talented lady. This was a part of my putting humour in presentations series and is one not to be missed. 

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