Life After A Cult with guest Brooke Walker

Continuing my ‘Dark side of influence and persuasion’ series, I was lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing lady whose family joined a personal development based cult in the ’80s and the effects this has had on her life since. That lady is the incredible Brooke Walker who has gone on to heal her life and help others to improve and heal their lives through meditation with her company 100 Years of Bliss.

Brooke talks about life inside the cult as a child, when she first realised she was in a cult, when she made the decision to leave and also how she ended up going back after she escaped. We also spent a good amount of time talking about ‘spirituality’ and what we would each define that as, and also the benefits and life healing Brooke has experienced since then.

Brooke has over 20 years’ experience as a business leader in the areas of management, law firms, health, and leadership. Her experience in psychology, finance and the healthcare industry has made her an asset to businesses and the holistic views she brings. Brooke has spent more than a decade teaching, speaking, achieving sales goals and leading in these fields.

She is the founder of 100 Years of Bliss, a wellness company focusing on the culture and health of other companies. Today her passion is to Empower, Educate and Advise companies on the benefits meditation and mindfulness has to increase health, productivity, sales and the bottom line.

Find out more about Brooke on her website where she offers listeners to this show $50 off her meditation program.

You can also connect with Brooke on social Media:

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