Business Building on Linked In with guest Angela Dunz

What are some of the worst mistakes people are making on Linked In these days?

Can you really use Linked In to grow your own business and become known?

Angela Dunz knows a lot about how to build and grow your business on Linked In and she’s my guest on this episode sharing some of those juicy Linked In secrets and strategies that can help you too, as well as being a thoroughly delightful guest.

Angela’s business is called Cowgirl Creative Coaching, which might give an insight into Angela’s style of doing things, getting the hustle going and letting your freak flag fly. I’m always interested in finding out more about how to maximise presence and engagement on social media channels and Angela adds nicely to the expert advice from previous episodes, such as my ‘Genetically Modified Marketing’ episode with John Espirian.

I hope you enjoy the show and if you want to connect with Angela, please find her on Linked In, I know she’ll be delighted to connect with you.


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