The Kindness Warrior: How to get investors with guest Michele Pitman-Martinez

I just love talking to women in leadership and this time I get two!

In this episode, I am joined by kindness warrior Michele Pitman-Martinez and my sometimes co-host who helped me launch this podcasting project Aida Diaz-Agero (a lot of double-barreled names there, for this one I shall be John Alexander Fraile-Ball so I don’t miss out).

We chat about things like women in the technology sector, getting investment for your business growth, leading a team, networking and serving your customers & community. So, we cover a lot of ground.

Michele Pitman-Martinez is founder & CEO of intelliVOL, based in Dallas, Fort-Worth. She’s a rock-solid business leader who has faced and overcome some serious business challenges that would sink most people. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting this unsinkable kindness warrior as much as Aida and myself enjoyed talking with her.

If you’d like to know more about what Michele or her company do, the best place to reach out to her is on her Linked In profile
or her company website

Next episode coming soon…

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