The Business of Speaking Part 1 with guest Lauren Pibworth

In this episode, I chat with speaker marketing expert and LinkedIn super-sharer Lauren Pibworth. We talk about how I found out what my marketing spirit animal is and more. It’s not so strange as it sounds, I promise.

Lauren is among the most successful marketing agencies exclusively for speakers in North America working to create marketing strategies to get more speakers on more stages. She’s great fun to chat with, very real and completely dedicated to working with her clients to find innovative ways to combat the COVID crisis in the speaking industry. She shares with her some of the insights usually reserved for her clientele.

If you’re a professional speaker or thinking you might like to be, you need to listen to this and check Lauren out.

Visit Lauren’s website and find out what your marketing animal archetype is. It’s useful, I promise. You can also find and follow Lauren on LinkedIn where she shares a ton of great info

The book Lauren recommended is called ‘Clockwork’ and the author is Mike Michalowicz.

In Part 2, we’ll hear from a professional speaker agent about how speaker agencies work, what they do for their clients and what kind of speakers need an agent.

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