#18 Influence vs. Persuasion with guest Kit Pang

My guest for this episode has a healthy way of pushing. When we had a pre-recording chat to plan the episode he gave me a gentle push to join him on a Facebook live. I did and it was my first. I popped my Facebook live cherry. I’m ready for more 🙂

Kit Pang is a public speaking coach and trainer based in Boston, USA. You can tell he has his own podcast because he likes asking the questions too. When I asked Kit why I would want him as a guest on my podcast he told me “I’m here to give your audience a kick-in-the-butt to improve their public speaking so they can be more successful as leaders.” That’s the kind of direct charm I just can’t resist.

Kit is the founder of BostonSpeaks and a public speaking coach at Harvard Business School who has worked with speakers ranging from NFL Players and Three Star Michelin Chefs to Fortune 500 CEOs and TEDx Speakers.

In our chat, we discuss the difference between influence and persuasion and why that matters.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening in to our chat as much as we enjoyed having it. To find out more about Kit Pang you can connect with him on Linked In and you can also visit his business website here...

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