#17 Masters of Storytelling with guest Jason Reid

Whether you want to captivate a live audience or just entertain your friends and family, storytelling is an art form we can all benefit from improving in. My guest Jason Reid is a master storyteller and he teaches others how to tell stories and how to sell with stories too.

Jason is not just an entertaining professional speaker. Jason Reid teaches entrepreneurs, experts and sales teams how to create presentations and tell stories with intention and impact – helping them turn their audience into clients.

Known as the power story master for his ability to create compelling narratives that wow an audience, Jason has been a main-stage speaker at some of North America’s largest entrepreneur events and built his own business by speaking.

In this episode, we talk about the power of stories. How to construct stories. What to put in and what to leave out. What makes them funny and what cultural differences you can expect as a speaker and storyteller if you speak to other nationalities.

Jason was very generous with his time and also shares some very entertaining stories that I know you’re going to love.

Here’s the graphic for the story arc Jason mentions at about 14-15 minutes point

To take Jason up on his great offers and to find out more about him and his incredible work go to  http://yourphonesession.com

or for the Free giveaway:   STORYTELLING RESOURCES FOR SPEAKERS AND ENTREPRENEURS http://jasonreid.org.

Now… make yourself comfortable, sit back and listen to another great episode of The Loqui Podcast.

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