How to get ahead in online presenting with guest Cindy Ashton

I am unbelievably lucky to have landed a guest like Cindy Ashton. Cindy is who the pro’s go to when they want to step their game up even more and she was generous enough to take 30 minutes or so out of her schedule to impart some wisdom bombs and expertise which we can all benefit from.

I’m a passionate learner and love coming across new information and learning, especially when it relates to my passion for presenting and public speaking. So, you’ll excuse me that I sat back a little in this chat and gave space for Cindy to share as much as we could fit into the time available. (I’ve never before had someone apologise for responding late to an email because they were busy interviewing people on the red carpet for the Oscars!)

Cindy is an award-winning TV Host of #CindyUncorked, singer/entertainer, keynote speaker & presentation trainer. We chat about how to get the edge in the world of online meetings, presentations and speaking, what’s going on right now and where there are opportunities if you are willing to look for them. There are some real gems of knowledge in this chat that will have me revisiting it many times over.

Here’s the link to the YouTube video in case you want to see the physical exercise Cindy demonstrates for producing oxytocin (13m35s):

Cindy has shares some additional resources on Linked In and YouTube, which you can check out here:

and if you’d like to connect with Cindy and find out more about her, please go to I highly recommend you do.

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