Mental Resilience in Uncertain Times with guest Simon Maryan

Do you think being locked down at home for weeks is bad? How about getting kidnapped? My guest this week has survived 3 kidnappings and knows a thing or two about how to get through troubling and uncertain times.

We are in unprecedented and trying times and more than ever we need to find and lean on any resources that help us to improve our mental resilience. No matter how strong we think we are, we all have a threshold for how much we can mentally cope with and when life and experiences exceed our threshold we don’t always manage it and often can not cope.

One thing we should never be afraid or ashamed to do is to reach out for help especially to someone with expert knowledge like Simon Maryan. In this episode, you will find some relatable stories, some tools and resources and even some humour.

To find out more about Simon and to connect with him, please visit his website

(Apologies for the beeps in the recording. I have no idea where they were coming from and have done my best to edit them out. This was also the day before I lost my voice completely for several days with a very painful virus, thus my super husky voice.)

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