Ep.9 – The Loqui Podcast – Gaming Influence with guest Alyea Sandovar


I first came across the concept of gamification reading Nir Eyal’s book ‘Hooked’ but I could not say for sure I had fully grasped it, I just understood that it was a powerful tool for increasing engagement, specifically for online courses and information products but in other ways also.

When Alyea approached me about being a guest on the show, I was excited as people with expertise in this area seem to be hard to come by. No matter what kind of business you are in, gamification is a useful tool to be able to understand and apply and if you’re not familiar with this, Alyea gives a great introduction and explanation in our chat.

Alyea is a play and game consultant. She currently works with entrepreneurs helping them playify their products and services. She has worked on several educational games and non-profit game projects as well as conducted game and virtual reality research at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She was a co-founder of the diversity group for the Digital Games Research Association as well as serving as a conference associate for the Game Developers Conference for four years. She has a PhD in game production, where she studied independent game designers.

Alyea is originally from Colombia but considers herself a world citizen as she has lived in Costa Rica, Florida, Texas and California (and has travelled to many countries). She now lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she learned to love (with a capital L) hageslag (chocolate sprinkles with bread and butter). When she is not working, you can find her either on the dance floor, hanging with friends or drinking a mean cortado while going down the rabbit hole of UFO youtube videos.

To find out more about Alyea, go to alyeasandovar.com and if you’d like to join in on the playful and creative summit, click here http://playful-creative-summit.launchrock.com/

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