Ep.7. The Loqui Podcast – Magic Pills & Psychological Placebos with Guest Maitén Panella

My guest this week is psychologist Maitén Panella (maitenpanella.com) and I invited her on the show because she’s a fascinating lady and she has some really powerful insights and experience which we got to talking about after my first podcast on the dark side of influence.

Here’s a taster of what we discussed:

What’s the problem with rapid interventions to big psychological issues at large personal development events?
Are some successful people using their authority to con free work out of people?
Is hypnosis really a thing?
How to deal with people who believe in very different things to you?
We discuss the dangers of these seemingly magical solutions and how you can protect yourself against unethical people and how to spot when there might be a problem.

We talk about quite a few other things, some of them potentially controversial. I thought about bleeping some names and even cutting some parts completely but… I decided, in the end, to throw it all out to the world and let the dice land where they may.

I wanted to do this in 2 parts but just couldn’t find a good point to stop where it would make sense.

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