December 2019

Loqui Podcast Ep.2. -Cheat Your Way To Success with guest Ryan Narus

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In this episode, I get to chat with Ryan Narus, a successful real estate investor in the USA who started his journey to success with nothing but a ton of debt and a never quit attitude.

Ryan shares with us some of his experiences and insights, including how he ethically ‘cheated’ his way to success by identifying the most critical points of sale and statistics that he needed to focus on for results.

As this is a Present Influence podcast, we also discussed the role of presenting and public speaking in Ryan’s life and business and even his brief flirtation with stand-up comedy.

Ryan is one of those special individuals who really want to make a difference and inspire others and doesn’t care about getting anything back in return. He is also authentic with no BS about what it really takes to create success in the long term.

If you would like to connect with Ryan, you can find him on Linked InĀ